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One-on-One Oatmeal

on July 3, 2014
Oatmeal for two, please!

Oatmeal for two, please!

I love one-on-one time with my boys!

Since Danny is still taking two naps, I get to hang out with just my Oz during his little bro’s first nap.  We do puzzles without worrying that little brother will chew on the pieces and I can pay full attention to my almost 3 1/2 year old!  (When did that happen?!)

Then, on Thursdays, I get a lot of one-on-one time with Danny because Ozzy goes to school for Water Day.  So while my big boy is running through sprinklers and playing with his friends, Deeda and I are going on jammie walks and eating One-on-One Oatmeal.

Wash it down!

Wash it down!

Now, you could just make instant oatmeal using one of the packets, but this takes maybe 2 minutes longer and tastes so much better.

Make as much or as little as you want.  Save what you don’t eat for later… even though it seems like a breakfast food, I bet Ozzy will want it for an after school snack today!


  • Quick Oats
  • Water
  • Cinnamon
  • Milk
  • Optional: raisins


  1. Put some water in a saucepan and turn the heat up high.
  2. Once it starts to simmer, stir in some oatmeal and turn the heat down considerably.  Add more water if it’s too dry too fast.
  3. Stir and simmer for a minute or so, sprinkling cinnamon on top as you do.  I let it get fairly dry and then remove from heat.
  4. Stir in milk to desired consistency.

When I make this for Ozzy from the start, I add raisins to the water at the very beginning.  If both boys are eating it, I just make sure there aren’t any raisins in Danny’s portion.

Ideas to get your kid cook involved:

If it’s just Danny and me, I just make it one handed with him on my hip, but if Ozzy is with us, this is what he does:

  • Have him add raisins to the water before putting it on the heat.  (Oz loves watching them “dance” once it starts to simmer!)
  • He can very carefully sprinkle cinnamon into the pot.
  • He can stir in the milk once it’s in a bowl.
"I'm full, Mommy.  Ready for my first nap!"

“I’m full, Mommy. Ready for my first nap!”


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