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Portable Cherry Cupcakes

on February 20, 2014
Portable. Moist. Sweet. Cute.

Portable. Moist. Sweet. Cute.

I’m not a cake person.  Never have been.  I’m not really into lemonade either.  I know, I’m a weirdo.

Anyway, cake with filling is better than cake without.

Cake with a tiny little fruit on top… again, better than cake without.

So Ozzy was onto something when he requested Cupcakes with Raspberries & Cars & Trucks for his 3rd birthday.

And when a bake sale came up, I decided to do the same kind of thing because of course I’d be eating one. Or two.


  • box of cake mix
  • can of cake/pastry filling
  • frosting of your choice
  • jar of cherries
  • short, clear plastic cups
  • sandwich size zip top baggies
  • plastic spoons


1. You can either spray a pan with cooking spray.  Then, wash it out and dry it before refilling OR use cupcake papers, knowing you’ll take them off before packing them up.

2. Make the cupcakes according to the directions on the box.  However, check them a little early.  I find that a toothpick usually comes out clean before the time it says.

When the cupcakes were cook, I poked a hole in them with a spoon.

3. When the cupcakes are cool, poke a hole in them with the handle of a spoon.

4. Place a plastic baggie in a mug and fold the top over the side.  Pour the filling in, then take it out of the mug and cut off a small corner of the bag.  You have yourself a make-shift pastry bag!

Rather than pie filling this time, I used cake and pastry filling.

Rather than pie filling this time, I used cake and pastry filling… It’s a little smoother.

Don't be shy with the filling either!  Squeeze it until they puff out... some even crack a little.

5. Put the cut tip of the baggie into the holes and squeeze the baggie until the cupcake puffs out… some may even start to crack a little.  That just means they’re good and full!

6. Carefully drop each cupcake into a clear plastic cup. (Remove the paper before doing so if you used cupcake liners.)

7. Frost the cupcakes in the cups.  You can either use something like Pillsbury Easy Frost (which is what I did) OR use the make shift pastry bag trick again.  This allows you to be generous with the frosting.  Plus, it keeps the mess down!

Drain the cherries and then dry them a little more using a paper towel lined plate.

8. Drain the cherries and then dry them a little more using a paper towel-lined plate to keep the juice from running on the frosting.

9. Place a cherry on top of each frosted cupcake.

10. Place each cup in a bag.

Oooo!  Look at these cute little bags I found!

Oooo! Look at these cute little bags I found!

11. Tuck a spoon into the side of the bag and zip it up, allowing the spoon handle to stick out the top.

Ideas to get your “kid cook” involved:

  • Have him help with the cupcake mix.  Ours called for water and oil which we put in the same measuring cup.  We talked about how the oil floated on top of the water.  He thought it was pretty cool!
  • He can help with the hand mixer by putting his hand on your hand while you mix.  He knows he shouldn’t touch the mixer itself and keeping his hand on mine while I mix allows him to feel like he’s helping.
  • Allow him to put the cherries on top!

One of the best things about these is how easy they are to transport.  Because the cups are taller than the cupcakes, they act as a little shield from the baggie.  I just stacked them in a large paper grocery bag and went on my way!

One of the best parts about this is how portable they are!  I just stacked them in a paper grocery bag!

Perfectly Portable!


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