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What do you do when your heat goes out in record-breaking low temps?

on January 7, 2014

I always thought the people who disregard hurricane evacuations were nuts.  Now, as we have decided to stay in our heatless home tonight with the thermometer outside reading 1°, I am reconsidering.

Hopefully you know someone (or can find someone) who understands stuff like this.

If your heat goes out, hopefully you know (or can quickly find) someone who understands stuff like this.

I realized around 9am that our heat wasn’t working. My dad who had ventured out in record-breaking wind-chill temps to buy some new pants (not sure why a man who hasn’t purchased new pants in 10 years needs them on a day like today, but my sweet father can be silly like that), had already planned on coming over for a visit afterward. He showed up by 10. Shortly thereafter, my father-in-law came up the driveway with a space heater. Shortly after that, Josh came home from work early to trouble-shoot the problem with the furnace.

The oven has been on and open most of the day (I wouldn’t recommend this long term or without a carbon monoxide detector!), the space heater has been going full-blast, we have turned on most of the lights in the house (not sure how much heat lights give off, but anything helps in temps like this!) In addition, the boys took naps in multiple layers with hoods and hats and socks on their hands.

I couldn't find the only baby hat that fits his head, so I let him borrow my smallest winter cap.

I couldn’t find the only baby hat we have that still fits his head, so I let him borrow my smallest winter cap.

They are currently sleeping, each with a space heater in his room. When we head to bed, I will be joining Danny who happens to have a twin bed in his room next to the crib and Josh will be joining Ozzy who has bunk beds – though he might sleep on the floor rather than the top bunk because he doesn’t want to disturb Ozzy when he gets up every so often to run some water through the pipes in an effort to keep them from freezing.

At Danny’s bedtime as I was walking/rocking the normal laps around his small room next to the pretty (with faux flames and all) space heater that my in-laws let us borrow, I thought to myself, “If these boys grow up to be like their dad and grandpas, I’ll be pretty darn well taken care of my whole life.” Then I thought, “…and I’ll be sure to feed them well as long as I live.” Hah!

Thankfully, I was off work because of a snow day and discovered the problem early. Thankfully, it is just the furnace and not the power.  Thankfully, our dads were willing and able to come over to help out – both brainstorming about the furnace and helping with the boys while I made dinner (yes, they braved the house without heat that long to be helpful). Thankfully, the boys’ naps overlapped about a half hour so I could take a quick snooze after being up at 12:30 and again at 5:15 to feed the little guy. Thankfully, both boys have additional beds in their rooms. Thankfully, Josh is willing and able to take tomorrow off to install the new part. Thankfully, he knows how to do that kind of thing. Thankfully, the part has already started shipping from a neighboring state. Thankfully, we have lots of warm blankets. Thankfully, we have each other… For better or worse (and it could be sooooo much worse), I choose these people.

So what do you do when you lose heat in record-breaking low temps? Call in the recruits, put on some more layers, and be thankful for all the stuff you still have going for you!


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