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A Conversation You Might Have with Your Baby

on October 16, 2013
There's a sleepy sign!

There’s a sleepy sign!

Are you ready for a nap? Time to go upstairs.
Oh, I like my room. It’s dark and cozy.
I think so too.
I like when you rock me like this.
You are my sunshine…
Fuss, how about the good stuff, Ma?
…You make me happy when skies are gray…
Fuss, FUSS, Ma, the GOOD stuff?
You just ate, honey. Take your paci.
FUSS, I DON’T want my PACI!
This is a bad habit. I’m afraid it will make it harder for you and GranDan and GranMart when I go back to work in a few weeks.
FUSS, BREATH, FUUUUSSSS! A few weeks?!?! That’s like a quarter of my life!
Good point. Please just don’t wake your sleeping brother in the next room!
FUSS, SNORT, WAIIIIIL! Does that mean I’m getting the good stuff? I know you have it. You’re the only one who does! Now, GIVE IT TO MEEEEEEEEE!
OK! OK! Promise you’ll nap if I do.
Promi…ummph, mmm, ummmm, mmm, ummmm, mmm.
 Sigh, when you nap, I’ll nap. Deal?

Naptime for everyone in the house!

Naptime for everyone in the house!


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