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Grandma’s Candied Applesauce

on September 21, 2013

Click Here to Print: Grandma’s Candied Applesauce

This is my 86 year old grandma holding my 8 week old son. Pretty Amazing. <3

This is my 86 year old grandma holding my 8 week old son.
Pretty Amazing. ❤

This recipe is surprisingly easy and super yummy. Plus, it’s pink applesauce. So naturally, little girls will love it. This big girl grew up on it and can vouch for its tastiness. That being said, it is very “grandma” as far as it does not have exact measurements. When I asked, I got answers like,” Oh, I don’t know, maybe a quarter cup.”

After getting over my need to use measuring cups I realized that the ingredients are really flexible and can be easily modified to your tastes and to make a little or a lot! For example, you can just use apples and stop at step 4 for delicious, healthy, homemade applesauce! Don’t be scared, you can’t really mess it up! 🙂


  • apples – Grandma uses Yellow Delicious, but I’ve tried others and it turns out yummy every time.
  • sugar
  • cinnamon candies – The tiny ones, like the size of your pinky nail, not the bigger ones that come in the wrapper.


  1. Peel, core, and cut the apples into chunks like you would cut potatoes that you are going to mash.
  2. Boil them in a pot with a small amount of water. Let’s say, 1 inch…? Add more as it cooks if needed.
  3. They are ready when the apples are VERY soft.
  4. Do NOT drain the water. Mix with a hand mixer (though I’ve also done this with a potato masher and/or fork).
  5. Add sugar… or don’t. Last time I left out the sugar completely and hardly noticed.
  6. Stir in cinnamon candies while the apples are still pretty hot so that they melt. If necessary, place back on very low heat. The candies should disappear and you should be left with smooth, pink applesauce!

Here are some ideas to get your “kid cook” involved with this recipe:

  • Have him fill the pot with an inch of water. Explain what an inch is and talk about other measurements, too!
  • Have him practice counting with the cinnamon candies. Ask him to estimate how many he thinks it will take to make the applesauce pink. Talk to him about what estimation means and what other things can be estimated.

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