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BBQ Ribs, Bakers, and BLT’s, Oh My!

on September 17, 2013

After having to toss leftovers a few too many times, I got wise to our family’s habits and decided to designate one night a week to leftovers.  If we don’t have any, we just eat a freezer meal or get take-out.  But truthfully, this hardly ever happens. We always have leftovers.

Tonight it was ribs and baked potatoes from Sunday’s dinner, plus a few pieces of bacon and almost 2 pieces of toast from BLT’s late last week.  If you’re wondering why “almost” two pieces of toast, well that happens with a little kid and it almost physically hurts me to throw away food… which is why I decided to designate a night to leftovers.  Aaaaand it comes full circle.

Anyway, I decided to make this…

Looks too good to be leftover, doesn't it?!

Looks too good to be leftover, doesn’t it?!

I put chopped up rib pieces in the baked potato and topped it with cheese, then baked it until the cheese was all melty and it was warmed through.  When I took them out, I put some scallions on top.  I also chopped up the toast and put it in the oven to make it a little more crispy for croutons.  Bacon was chopped as well.  Croutons and bacon went on a nice big salad.  Lastly, green beans were steamed and topped with a little butter and salt.  Lucky me… LEFTOVERS!  🙂

If you’re interested in how to make yummy ribs and bakers, and BLT’s for that matter, check out my Tips & Tricks page.

P.S. This is my kid cook’s portion.  He’s not very good at chewing lettuce yet so his salads are heavy on the cucumber and tomatoes.

Mmm... Leftovers!

Lucky Kid Cook… Leftovers!

P.P.S. There are still chocolate chip cookies from Sunday’s dinner, too.  I’m going to warm a couple up and top it with vanilla ice cream riiiight now.  Lucky me (again)… LEFTOVERS!!!


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